Windows Defender May Have Evolved, But Is Still Very Basic

A test has shown that while Windows Defender has evolved in the past couple of years, its antivirus feature set is still very basic, and its overall performance is not something exactly reliable.

When it comes to the more advanced threats, that is.

But then again, that is to be expected, for what is still billed as a baseline security solution, the first layer of defense on the Windows platform.

Security organization AV-Comparatives unveiled these results earlier today, discussing the performance of Windows Defender — the built-in antivirus in Windows 10 that is installed by default in the new operating system.

Microsoft may be putting a lot of effort into making this a more advanced solution, but tests have revealed that Windows Defender was once again listed last in an array of the best antivirus programs on the market.

This is what the organization said:

“Windows Defender for Windows 10 has all the essential features of a good antivirus program in a very clear, simple interface.”

That said, however, Windows Defender delivered standard performance in file detection, performance and real-world protection. It put on a better show in the malware removal tests, even though on the whole, it is still far behind third-party products.

Products from companies like Kaspersky and Bitdefender.

But then again, the main sell for Windows Defender is that it plays nicely with third-party products, and is always there on all Windows 10 systems.

Which is sometimes all one can ask from a secondary security layer.

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