More Vulnerabilities Found In Windows 10 Than Windows 7 Last Year

That’s not to say that Windows 10 is less secure than what is currently the world’s most used operating system. But it does paint some interesting dynamics when it comes to OS security.

This new research conducted by RiskBased Security analyzes the vulnerabilities that were reported last year, and reveals that Microsoft patched a bigger number of security flaws last year than 2015, Windows 10 now tops the chart for all-time vulnerability count.

For operating systems, that is.

Internet Explorer still leads the list of the Microsoft applications with the biggest number of flaws, however, with the chart indicating that the software titan fixed no less than 1,261 vulnerabilities in the web browser.

On the whole, the Redmond based company took care of 729 vulnerabilities in its software, which are more than the 703 that were confirmed in 2015.

What’s a bit worrying, however, is that this is nearly double the 2014 count, where Microsoft found and fixed 383 security flaws in its software products.

Getting back to the standings, while IE is number one, Windows 10 is listed in second place, with 705 vulnerabilities recorded. Windows Server 2012 is in third, with 660 reported flaws, and Windows 7 comes in next with 647.

Windows Vista rounds up the top five with 621 vulnerabilities.

The good thing is that while the number of flaws was on the up, most of these were privately reported to Microsoft and were fixed before exploits were made public. Meaning, users were not exposed to any attacks from these flaws.

Goes to show the severity, though, these statistics.

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