The Importance of Enterprise Security

the importance of enterprise security

The average business faces an otherwise unheard of level of malicious threats, more so than any individual person.

Crime is rife through cyberspace and every single day, countless numbers of digital identities are stolen and serves are breached from every direction.

Because of this, the need for strong enterprise security has become more of a basic requirement, especially as criminals target a wide range of businesses, from the small one with little to nothing in the way of decent security, to multinational companies that are shrouded in security chains, showing that nobody is safe from being attacked.

Despite all of this, despite the growing numbers of high-profile attacks, numerous company administrators still treat networks security as nothing more than unimportant, with no urgency whatsoever, mainly because a malware threat can’t be “seen”, it isn’t a physical or tangible thing.

It is only when they come under attack that they realize just how important network security is. The three biggest reasons why it is so important are:

Cybercriminals demonstrate incredible power

Most people think of a hacker as a bespectacled geek alone in a basement but that is an outdated concept.

Those same people don’t believe that a cybercriminal has any power but the fact of the matter is, they do. Most cyber criminals operate in a network and around $400 billion in profit is reaped annually by these criminals. That could be your profit in their pockets

More than 175 million records compromised

And that was just in the first quarter of the year. That figure increases year on year in significant percentages.

Those records were spread over approximately 670 cases that had been reported, approximately 263000 records per report. Imagine the damage that can do to one company.

Virtual Workplaces means a Virtualized Enterprise Identity

Virtualization is growing fast among the business sector but this change has not been accompanied by an increase in security measures.

Because more and more businesses operate a BYOD policy or social media working, they need to make significant changes to their security policies and it isn’t happening.

While cybercrime is most definitely on the rise, it isn’t just down to the fact that the criminals are getting smarter.

Much of it can be put at the feet of the businesses themselves, with a lack of solid network security in place or security that doesn’t evolve over time.

What worked five years ago, even last year to a certain extent, won’t work now and too many businesses are exposing themselves to a dangerous risk, one that is completely avoidable and is unnecessary.

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