ImageWare Bring SaaS To Enterprise Biometrics

With the stark rise in news of data breaches these last couple of years, biometric verification has now taken centerstage for many companies, thanks to the additional layer of security it provides.

ImageWare Systems Inc. has brought its latest solution to the Microsoft enterprise ecosystem.

Going by GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite, this is a SaaS that targets the corporate market, providing a hybrid cloud architecture that authenticates at the server levels, making this end-to-end, multi-modal, multi-factor authentication the first of its kind.

In the words of ImageWare CEO Jim Miller:

“The really big powerful factor that would enable mass adoption is that you would need a back end: a very powerful platform to run whatever biometric you want it to run. That’s because also rooted in our vision is our belief that biometrics are truly situational. Depending on the situation you’re in, you may need a different biometric.”

Research has shown that enterprises pay $100 per person per year on average to allow password changes, but despite that, nearly 80% reported data breaches last year.

Biometric verification, then, not only provides better security, but also increased flexibility, scalability and overall speed for the process. And with a hybrid cloud approach that has the user identity stored on the enterprise cloud, GoVerifyID Enterprise can scale to process hundreds of millions of transactions.

All in real time.

And with the added advantage of not transferring personally identifiable information to the end device, even between integrated clouds.

For IT administrators, this means that they can use all the same tools they are already familiar with, like Microsoft Active Directory and the management console that they use to administer their network.

You can visit the ImageWare website for further details on this new launch.

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