Enterprise Security Threats

Enterprise Security Threats

Recent studies inform us that most enterprises are not allocating the right budget, time or resources to addressing security threats to the enterprise.  

While the majority of security personnel believe that targeted sophisticated attacks are of the highest concern yet such a small percentage say that these are anywhere near their top IT spending priorities.

Even less said that the threats took up most of their time during the working day. 

Add to this the fact that phishing, among other social engineering forms is seen as one of the biggest concerns yet efforts to come up with ways to address the threats are reduced because of a lack of budget and time.

Security professionals spend the vast amount of their time sorting out vulnerabilities that were introduced by their own development teams or systems and applications that are bought off-the-shelf.

Internal errors and external attacks can cause a loss of compliance with regulatory and industry compliance and that doesn’t even take account of data leaks, accidental or otherwise, by users who don’t follow security policy.

The following security threats are a very real possibility for every single enterprise:

Network Security Threats

This includes hacking, upset employees, malware, worms, Trojan horses, etc.

Data Security Threats

Data security is at threat from phishing attacks, malware, external hacking, theft and destruction.

Physical Security Threats

Physical security threats include natural disasters, physical breach, hardware failure, etc.

OS Level Security Threats

Threats to the operating system generally come from updates and patches not being applied in a timely manner across the enterprise as well as from backdoors, which allow hackers remote access to your system

Hardware Security Threats

Hardware security threat include hardware failure, software faults, physical damage, and, in some cases, malicious code injected into USB controllers

Software Security Threats

The most common form of software security threat is malware. Trojans, worms, insider threats and external threats.

Information Security Threats

Information security comes under threat from a number of different areas, including incorrect configuration, outdated software, no encryption, using corporate data on unprotected mobile devices, etc.

Cloud Network Security Threats

Cloud network security can be breached in a number of ways, including broken authentications, hacked API’s, data breaches from other areas, vulnerabilities that haven’t been patched, hijacking, insider attack and DoS attacks, to name just a few

Email Security Threats

Spyware, adware, phishing and spam are just a few of the ways that email security can be brought under threat.

Database Security Threats

There are three main threats to database security – privilege abuse, vulnerabilities in the operating system and rootkits and all of these have the potential to bring in more threats of their own

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security threats include not having a proper policy in place, hackers, internal and external threats, BYOD, cloud networking, etc.

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