Email Security

email security

Email Security

Email security is a high priority for all organizations, as the threat of spam viruses, hackers, phishing threats and identity thefts increase.

There is also the need to keep business information secure. Security of email within the enterprise is multi-layered and it involves the use of more than one type of technology and security software.

As well as putting security packages in place, all employees must be aware of security policy and good practices in securing communications via email.

To protect email, there should be a number of measures in place:

  • Use a spam filter. All email attachments should be scanned before they reach the recipient. Research shows that 90% of viruses come in through email attachment
  • Use email spyware protections and instant messaging protection software. These are usually bundled with anti-virus software packages for enterprise users
  • Use security software that protects identity and blocks content on every individual computer
  • Use email encryption technology. These protect sensitive emails on an individual basis and allow encryption between the sender and the receiver of the email. Encryption is based on public key coding, a system that is known as military grade security because it is so tough to get past

Email Security Policy

Almost all enterprises will have their staff trained in basic rules of email use and in best practice for email use, like not clicking web links in emails or opening any email from an unknown source.

However, there are other usage policies that can be used to secure email and secure the business.

  • Using the BCC option on the email carefully. This will stop spammers managing to get hold of long lists of names that they can use for target practice.
  • Careful use of the Reply All and Forward buttons
  • Use of strong passwords to get into email and as PC logins
  • Passwords should be changed regularly and should never be left on display or shared with anyone
  • When a user leaves their station, their computer should be locked to stop anyone accessing the email account

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