Antivirus Companies Unite Against Microsoft

Antivirus companies

Nothing unites friends like foes! Antivirus companies of the world now have a common one on Microsoft, and they have banded together against the Windows maker.

Windows 10, specially, being their target.

The security firms have united against Microsoft in criticism of how it handles the antivirus applications in the new operating system. Some are even calling for investigation against Redmond, with Kaspersky leading the charge.

Founder Eugene Kaspersky, for instance, took to the company’s blog to explain how Microsoft is hurting security companies — basically all to go with the default settings in Windows 10.

For starters, the new OS disables incompatible security software when installing updates, and then replaces them with Windows Defender. While this sounds good on paper, the fact is that Microsoft now only gives application developers a week to test their security solutions for the platform.

As opposed to the two months of time it gave them to ensure compatibility with new OS versions before.

What’s more, even if an antivirus product is installed and running on a Windows 10 system correctly, Windows Defender shows up every once in a while, displaying a warning encouraging users to turn it on and uninstall third-party protection.

And on top of that, these vendors are also struggling with another restriction that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10, which limits the option of warning users about their licenses expiring in the first three days after expiration.

The notification is only displayed in the Windows Security Center, where practically nobody sees it.

Kaspersky has been joined by companies like Panda Labs, F-Secure and Avira, all of which who believe that Microsoft needs to change its antivirus policy in Windows 10 and play nicely with others.

Redmond, meanwhile, is not particularly worried about this right now, saying that it is yet to receive any official complaints from authorities, but will cooperate when it does.

Perhaps a little close scrutiny may be in the future here, judging by the way things are going!

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