2016 Enterprise Security Statistical Highlights

With all the advances in computing technology, and the rising cybersecurity threats, the field of enterprise security now also boasts some amazingly large numbers.

Numbers that reveal how far businesses now depend on technology, and what kind of an impact bots and data breaches can have on these organizations.

This list goes over some of the notable statistical highlights of this past year, and makes for a very interesting read.

For example, the total number of records that were exposed in 2016 came in at 4,281,795,808, with no less than 4,149 breaches leading to this high a number of exposed records. Yahoo suffered the two most severe and high profile breaches, while FriendFinder and Myspace followed.

And when it comes to DDoS attacks, the largest one was recorded last year, coming in at 1TBps.

In fact, security watchers predict that such attacks will continue to become more damaging and sophisticated as we move into the IoT era.

In terms of spending, the security market is expanding at a very fast clip. According to IDC, spending on security products is skyrocketing worldwide — the industry brought in just $73.7 billion in revenue last year, but this is set to soar to $101.6 billion come the year 2020.

A whole bunch of interesting facts and figures are laid out in the article, which you can read here.

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