Over 100 Organizations Targeted By Invisible, Fileless Malware

Fileless, remember the word. It could well be the next evolution of malware, as security researchers warn of a dangerous and sophisticated type of new malware that is almost undetectable.

It has already affected some 140 banks and financial institutions around the world.

Kaspersky Lab was the first to discover it, and released some of its findings — with promises to reveal further information as it continues to investigate. In fact, attackers are also believed to have siphoned money out of ATMs, and these details will also be provided in April.

For the time being, we have some information that was provided Wednesday, indicating that one or multiple groups of hackers are targeting at banks, telecom and government organizations with this complex pieces of code.

With the ultimate goal being to secure both credentials and money.

What makes this new threat all that more devious is that this is a rash of invisible and fileless malware that lives exclusively in memory of a device — in other words, it leaves almost no trace behind, which makes detection all that more difficult.

Now, this class of malware is not exactly new, but its prevalence is a worrying sign.

Kaspersky Lab has found that one common trait of these recent infections is that they rely on legitimate tools like Windows PowerShell to gain control of a device, going so far as to hide PowerShell commands in registries.

And this further leaves fewer pieces of evidence behind.

So, in most cases, when a machine is affected, security researchers and network administrators have pretty much no idea that the threat exists.


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